Being Judgmental

Who are we to judge others, when we ourselves are flawed in so many ways? Be careful when you judge others. In future, you might just have to do the same thing that they did! And when that happens, you’re going to be sad. (Based on a personal experience, unfortunately) sk

Just A Thought

If you don’t want to feel worthless, do something worthwhile. Image source: sk


So I had a fight (not a huge one, thank heavens) with my friend today. After we reconciled, she said “Fights have a good end result. You start appreciating eachother more. The feeling after the fight is a really good feeling.” Nonsense. Fights aren’t good! They mess with your head! Anyway, what’s your opinion? Does…

Some people are like a weekend getaway. They give you the feeling of being away from all the mess and nonsense. And after meeting them you can go back to real life and be normal.