What Routine Looks Like

Today was a pretty normal day.

I got up at 9, realised it was still not 10, which is my normal waking up time, and went to sleep again. Got up exactly at 9.45, realised I couldn’t sleep any longer and finally hopped out of bed.

Read newspaper while having milk and Horlicks. Oh, before that heated a Roti (a kind of bread) and butter in the microwave for dad (yes, I’m a helpful person, lol). Found nothing interesting in the newspaper.

Then just listened to songs on the loudspeaker with dad and my brother. Binge watched Friends. Took bath at 1.30. Which is TOO late according to the unspoken rules of the house. You are supposed to have bath latest by 12.30. But I felt rebellious today, hence the delay (haha).

At this point you might ask me: Why are you making me read this boring shit? To which I shall reply: Don’t. Please don’t read it. This is rubbish. To you. But important to me, because five years down the line, I’d want to know what my ordinary, mundane day sounds like. Yeah, seriously. I’m very stupid that way.

Anyway. Then in the afternoon I just wasted my time on YouTube. Really? Is that ALL I did the whole afternoon? Yes.

In the evening, made chai for me and my parents. Then went for walking with Madhura. Savoured some sev puri before that. Oh, so this is funny – We decided to try a new garden that had newly opened on the next street. We looked and looked for the park, got tired of searching, called defeat, and were returning home when we finally found it! We just sat there for a while and got going. We were that tired.

My college friends had called me in gsc (a club near my building) to chill. But because of some confusion and delay (on their part) we couldn’t meet.

In the night I desperately felt like having something yummy for dinner, and not the routine dal rice. So I made cheese coleslaw sandwiches for everyone. With garlic butter. It was yummy. But not GREAT.

And then I became the dj for the night. Played slow songs for me and my brother, to get better sleep.

And now here I am. Writing. Because I’m not spent enough to go to sleep. It’s 1.23 am.

Anyway, how was your day? I really hope it was better than mine, lol. :p


That's the new park. I don't know why we were adamant on including our shoes in the picture.

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  1. Jim says:

    I haven’t had good chai in a long, long time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. shubhada says:

      Come to India, every corner of the street (nukkad) has a chai stall! And all are good!


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