My Graduation Ceremony

So, about today. It was the best day ever. Thank you God. Thank you so very much.

Two things happened. I passed MA sem one examination (which shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it somehow is).

And two, we were made to feel so special by the college. All of my classmates weren’t present. That was the only down side. Rest was perfect. Heavenly. So good.

We were going to parade in the college. In front, there was this professional band which plays for the Police. They were all smartly dressed in red. There was some inspector, too. Behind them there was the principal, HODs of all departments, and the trustee (a very old man. I admired his spirit to participate).

Behind them, we were standing in pairs. We all slowly marched towards the hall with our shoulders squared, with a pleasant smile spread across our faces, drums and trumpets playing in the background all the while. Many people found the whole procession beautiful. They stood and watched us march. Many took pictures, too.

I made sure I was smiling all the time. I didn’t need to put much effort into that, though. When you’re given so much respect, the smile comes naturally.

It felt like I’ve achieved something important in life. Felt nice. More than nice. It felt awesome.

Then rest of the day went on smoothly, with friends agreeing to go to McDonald’s because I was starving. All of us chatted away merrily.

All in all – splendid day.

Thank you God. This has come after a long time.

Hi guys! This was written almost year ago! I wasn’t active on WordPress then, and I’d written this in my personal diary. When I was on the long break from WP I had a reason for it – I just couldn’t think of things to write about. And then, I just randomly felt that I can’t let this blog go. I started writing about random things, but the random things that mattered. Atleast to me (haha). Anyway, a couple of posts later I was browsing my dairy. And I realised, I had written quite a lot, even while I was on a break because of the lack of ideas.

The point of this whole para is, there are still one or two more things from my break period that I’d like to post. I hope you don’t mind!


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  1. hsampson says:



    1. shubhada says:

      Thanks you so much 🙂

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  2. That does sound like a wonderful day, Ada. So, so good.😁

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    1. shubhada says:

      Hahah yeah it was!


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