I’m Sort of Bummed

I’m feeling lonely for some reason. I have no one to talk to. No one to hang out with, after college. No work life (because taking a job while still studying can get hectic). And even though I go to college, I’ve not got a college life. Apart from college, there are a couple of friends here and there, but I still feel lonely. Two or three people aren’t enough to fill the gap, right? Or maybe I’m wrong altogether. People shouldn’t be needed to fill the “gap”. You should be enough to fill that void you sometimes feel, and friends are a just bonus life offers you. I don’t know.

So basically one of my very good friends isn’t finding time to call me, and my college friends don’t like to stay back a little while after college. So today because I was very hungry, I stayed back alone to eat. And ate a sandwich all alone. In a crowded college canteen. And these things are literally the only things making me feel lonely. Am I being stupid and unreasonable?

And okay, so I have only 11-12 friends in totality (yes, I counted). From all sections of my life – like school, college, building. Is that too less? I know it’s the stupidest question I might have ever asked. Quality matters not quantity, you’d say. But still, as a quantity, isn’t it too less? I’ve always wondered whether I’m a loner. Because I’m generally a friendly person, but when I actually count my “real” friends, the number is pretty sad.


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