How Much is Too Much?

Working hard is good. It gives you a purpose, a direction, a reason to live and a hope towards a better future.

But stress? Bad. Thinking about work all day? Bad.

Best thing – Work hard. But don’t take tension. Be chill. Important thing: don’t over do it.

Life is too big, and these small things that matter now won’t matter later.
And it’s too small, to spend it all on worrying.
Some paradox.

Take a deep breath and look at life from a bigger perspective. This picture from Europe will help you do just that. :p

I’d written this to calm myself during my exams. I tend to get too stressed and go overboard with studies. So I keep writing to myself, that’s my way to cope with stress. What’s your way? (Why are there so many “I”s in this para?! Its really getting to me)

Ps. See? I am keeping my promise (to myself) of posting every once in a while.

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