What If…

I’d like to tell my readers that I’m currently doing my Masters in Economics.

But what if I had chosen to study painting as a major? For four years. Like Kenneth Sebastian did? (He’s a stand up comedian who has a painting degree. Yes, pretty cool stuff)

Anyway, painting is my passion. I love it. And what if I did a major in painting? Would I have been better at my work? Well I AM doing quite well in economics. Because I like economics. It’s not my passion… but I like it.

But if I painted for a living, would I have succeeded? Would I be good at it? Would I have lived a “fuller” life? Are people who chose their passion as their occupation really happy? Would I be happy?

Moreover, is doing what you like not as good as doing what you have a passion for?

Should one save the passion or hobby for the times when he needs a break from doing what he likes, given that doing what he likes gives him a more secure income?

I don’t think I’ll ever know the answer to that…

Do you have any answers?
… Or questions?

Here are some of my paintings. I’m not so proud to say that most of them are imitation of other paintings I found online. What do you think?


This one's an original



I somehow get the feeling that I’d be good at it. Having painting as my occupation. Because I’m obsessed with perfection. And I work my ass off. And these qualities would make me succeed in any field. Only thing about art is that, there’s always self doubt.

I’ll always believe that I don’t have enough talent to “make it” as a painter. So I’ll always convince myself that economics is a safer and a better option…

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  1. I loved the paintings. It’s not always about money so yeah do whatever you like or have passion for. 🙂

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    1. shubhada says:

      Sadly, it is about money. If you want a secure future, you can’t help but think about money, right? And I do want a secure future..

      What if choose painting and have no money?

      And thanks! For complimenting about the paintings! Means a lot.

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      1. You have already taken a decision so no point thinking about ‘what ..ifs’. Best luck for your future career, not necessarily the economics one. You never know what future will serve you.

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  2. Mon ☠ says:

    I am scared of artistic jobs too least I become a starving artist so I am choosing somethibg that is art-ish and that’s language 😮

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