A Little Bit of Thinking…

I’m a realist. I don’t have big dreams or ambitions. But I do have hopes. I have faith that something good will happen, something good ought to happen. Good things happen to good people.

“Aim for the sky, you’ll reach the roof.” How about doing your own thing, continuously doing what makes you happy and reaching the roof, without even realising you’ve made it?

I am a strong believer that you should just keep doing what makes you happy, and you’ll reach a place where you will be happy. You like reading novels? Do it. You like researching about what happens after death? Do it. However random or abstract it is, don’t be afraid of doing what makes you feel good and complete on the inside. It is those actions which will determine your place in future.

Maybe you don’t want to be among the intellectual elite. Maybe you don’t want to be among the obsessive academicians. Maybe you just want to be in a place which makes you continuously wonder, about the world, about the stars, about how the world functions, about people and their lives. Maybe you don’t want to be stuck in one direction. Maybe you want to scamper around exploring all directions. And keep exploring. Keep learning about everything the world has to offer. Everything that you find interesting.

Don’t limit yourself to one thing, if you really like doing a lot of things. People will say a lot of things, maybe it works for them just right. But you don’t have to follow them. You can carve out your own path. Be the queen of yourself.

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