What Femimism Is Not

It’s not flaunting your period stain on Facebook or Instagram.

It’s not insulting male tendencies and applauding female tendencies.

It’s not arguing just for the sake of arguing.

And it’s definitely not male bashing.

It’s about equality.
It’s about living in harmony with the other sex. With mutual respect and understanding.

I’m a feminist, and I believe that I’m not superior to the male species. I’m an equal and I expect to be treated equally.

How did femimism, which started with proving that females aren’t inferior end up proving that females are infact superior?

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  1. Bhanu says:

    Yes. And when every one realizes this (male & female) that it is about being treated equal in every walks of life and when everyone accepts the status quo, we will have harmony. (But as per my belief, that will be the start to the end of civilization. Why ? Because perfect harmony doesn’t last long and humans create new things for destruction )

    And for the how of your question in post !
    – It is the pendulum effect. M is on the left per say and F is on the right. The pendulum was towards the left for a long while, now the feminists or any one who wants to fight for equality, tries to pull the pendulum but in efforts to bring it to the center, they try to pull it so hard, that they take it to the extreme right. And they some people pull towards the left. This goes on until the pendulum one day comes to the stand still in the center.

    So you are in Stage 2. Where you are trying to make an effort to bring the pendulum into center which has now moved towards the Right or at least the effort being made to move to the right.

    Hope it makes sense. And sorry for posting a comment almost equal or larger than the post itself ! 😛

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  2. pritha13 says:

    I so agree with the post!! That’s why I was always shy of saying I’m a feminist because people misinterpret it in exactly the way that you said.

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    1. shubhada says:

      Yeah! It has suddenly become a bad word!!

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  3. Hear,hear. I second this whole post,Ada. Coincidentally, I posted something similar recently,too.
    But anyway. This shit,superiority and supremacy, must stop. It’s been too damn long already.-.-

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    1. shubhada says:

      So I read your post, and tried to comment, but wp isn’t allowing me to!! So I’m just gonna put it here as my reply:
      Omg I completely agree!!
      Specially about not shaving – how is that feminist?! Like, HOW?! It’s a personal choice, and the girls that opt out of shaving shouldn’t be judged – yes. But not shaving doesn’t make them a feminist. The term has lost it’s meaning. Now anything and everything is femimism.
      And anything and everything nowadays is ‘offensive’.

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      1. Issues with my WP. As usual.*eyeroll*
        Anyway, that’s exactly what I mean. Feminism isn’t what feminism was supposed to be. It’s all screwed up. And it’s us who’s screwing it up, the ones who are supposed to believe in it. Hence, I am more of a humanist now. Feminism is over-hyped. And the hype isn’t justified.-.-

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      2. shubhada says:

        Yeah I know! Humanist? Is that a thing now? 😛


      3. Haha you bet it is.:P
        I am kinda a feminist, and a humanist,too. Humanists are people whose perspective affirms to human progress and stuff. The way I see it, it says all humans are equal. But then again, I am a feminist still, if the actual, original idea of feminism is to go by.
        I sound kinda confused, don’t I?😶 Ignore.

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      4. shubhada says:

        Hahahah yeah, a little confused! 😝😝
        But obviously, you’re way better placed in your concepts than a lot of girls, and I’m glad we’re having this conversation!


      5. *groans* I am not confused about this, I swear!!!🙈
        Yeah? Phew. You think? That makes one of us.🙊
        And I’m glad,too. Especially since here,in DU, the idea of feminism is wayyyy screwed up than anywhere else I know around me. Everybody is a feminist here. And they all claim to want equality(If equality means supremacy). Their actions are exact opposites of what they claim to want.*makes a face*


  4. I am publishing a post on this subject in next day or two. It will be a long one. Thank you for sharing your views.

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      1. Hello Shubhada….I wish to share my take on ‘Why male bashing is not feminism?’



  5. Alex Sarll says:

    This is great, i agree with all of it. I think men have their own set of issues, which can be just as diffecult. Thanks for sharing.

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