When You’re Alone During Recess…

It was a typical day in college. Boring lectures and a sleepy mood. One difference, though. My friend hadn’t come.

I called on her cell twice. It was switched off. It annoyed me a little.

Then came the 20 minutes I was dreading – the recess. Spending the recess with no company is seriously painful.

I went down to the canteen got myself a hot chai (tea) and sipped it while staring out of the window. It was oddly comforting to do that. I didn’t feel alone. I felt peaceful.

I noticed the things I don’t normally notice – the leaves on the tree in front of the window. They looked fresh and dainty. Very unlike the other trees around it, this tree had leaves with mesmerising yellowish green colour.

And somehow, that tree turned out to be a very good company for the recess.


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  1. pritha13 says:

    I’m glad I didn’t come today bcoz of this post ! I know you must have felt lonely starting mein, but it was my last day in college and it wasn’t possible to join you. But I love the fact that you made the best out of the worst situation. ❀


    1. shubhada says:

      Hahah, yeah! πŸ™‚


  2. Uday says:

    When you are alone, you learn more about yourself πŸ™‚ So never be scared of that.


    1. shubhada says:

      Yes, that’s true. Actually I love spending alone time with myself – but at home. When I’m out, I normally prefer company!

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  3. Oh dude. My friends didn’t turn up either. We had this 2.5 hour gap between 2 classes and they decided they weren’t gonna attend the class before the gap. I, on the other hand, decided to go since we all hadn’t contacted each other. And you know what? It was the most boring day of the semester so far! I mean, I had other friends with me. But well, spending 2 on 1 time with them made me realise that we don’t gel all that well without others around. I was bored to death,I tell you. And I am sure, some of my precious-laughter-loving pieces are still lying on the stairs of the foyer somewhere,the place I spent those dreadful hours on. I am not trying to be mean. And I have even enjoyed their company in the past. But today,well, I dunno. Maybe I was the one who was in a mood or something. But anyway.
    Um,I am gonna go. Bye.πŸ™ˆ

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    1. shubhada says:

      Yeah, that happens with me too! Sometimes I’m just not in the mood and then everything around me seems boring! :\


      1. Yesss! And every other person kept asking me why did I look so upset, and why was I pissed, alternatively.
        And I was like, I dunno, dude. I dunno. I am all right. I just am not in the mood.:/

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      2. shubhada says:

        Hahahah, yeah!


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